Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back after 2 months...

A few mins back, I got a rude wake up call.  Just as I was browsing through a friend’s blog, I came across her MY BLOG LIST. The link to my blog was there showing that I had last updated it 2 months ago. 2 MONTHS ! ! ! Long long time. Its not that I have run out of ideas these days. But there have been too many of them. I have started numerous posts and left them half with a hope they will be completed the next time I switch on my laptop. That has not happened to any of the posts as yet, but I am hopeful, I will be back. Just like I have done in the past. 

I had my exams, I had my health problems, I had some other problems, had pressure at work and so on. All this ended up in affecting my writing. However, 2 months is a long time. I cant be making excuses any longer. Thought this post can act as a filler till the time I complete at least one post out of the many I have left half way.

This post is only to reaffirm that I am still here (ALIVE). Blogging scene wont miss me for long now. I will be back. Not with a bang but with a post.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback once I am back in action. Till then, enjoy the pre Christmas period. Hope Santa Claus will give all of you loads of gifts.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Heaven - Its here.....

There is a famous dialogue “If there's heaven/paradise on earth, its here, its here, its here.” I found one such heaven a few days back. Why found? I have been going there for ages. But it took me a long time to realise its real worth. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then don’t worry. I will reveal the address shortly.

About 12 kms from Panaji, the capital city of Goa, there is a small town called Mapusa; a place known more for its market of cloths, silver, etc. Once you go around a few narrow lanes, so narrow, that even a slight mistake could lend ur car into the ditch (I have screwed up my car when a friend mis-judged the road completely), you reach an old and rickety theatre. Around it, there are various eateries (Taparies would be a better word). There are more stalls than the flies in the area. But in this mess, once place proudly stands out – BAPPA’s Juice Centre. No signboards, No neon signs. All you can smell is chicken, omlette and fruits. Bappa doesn’t serve you all of this, but his shakes and fruit plate has the magic to heal many wounds. You may be tired, depressed, frustrated; one fruit plate coupled with “Adsar Shake” (Tender Coconut Milk Shake) makes your mind refreshed. If you feel I am overdoing it, then “Pehle Istamal Kare, Phir Vishwas Kare”.


WARNING: If you are fussy about ambience. then u better stay away. U will find that fruits are flocked by flies. However, if ur priority is good taste over everything else, this is the place to be at.


If there is heaven for food lovers, then its here, its here, its here!!!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008


Life, like love, the word has always invited various reactions. Some say, life is beautiful (whether they believe it or not). Some say they are working hard so that they can be happy towards the end of their life. Some just can’t wait for it all to end. You may wonder, I often did, how one word attracts views that at times are poles apart. But then not too long ago I found the answer. Or did I? It could be that I have learnt to compromise, learnt to bury my likes and wants, or it may just be that I have become more practical. The last thing I should do with life is to crib about something I don’t have.

While growing up, I learnt quite a bit from my father. Not that I implemented all that in my day-to-day life. Sometimes I even thought that some things he said were irrelevant in today’s world. I counter-advised him to change with the times. All he did was smile. May be he could foresee that one day, I will return to him and say, “Dad, you were right!!!” Today, I do that, more often than not. His pet advice for me was – “I complained having no shoes, till I saw a man without feet”. While I was in school and dreaming to be a very rich man someday, I used to feel that my father never had any aspirations in life and that’s the reason he is so negative. I used to tell him “to achieve something in life, you must have a goal”. He would candidly reply saying, “That’s not the end of life. If you fail, rise up again. But you can do that, only when you give yourself a chance of loosing. You might have a distant goal, but while attaining it, you must not forget to enjoy life.” I would never allow him to speak further for the simple reason that it made no sense to me. Dad too, never forced his views on me as he was sure that he would have the last laugh. He wanted his son to be confident but not over-confident and would often end up saying, “When you think everything is lost, the future still remains.”

The biggest turning point in my life came when I decided to quit my first job. I just could not work with that firm any longer. And then, I started worrying about my options. It was then, when I got an advice from a very senior person in our family that he said to me, “The moment you stop running after money, money starts following you.” He asked me to do what my heart prompted. Today, I don’t regret the decision I made.

Time is the best medicine for all our wounds. May it be our studies, job or family life; we need to give our self some time and have faith. Together, they contain the power to make everything happen. Lots of self-belief and a tinge of carelessness can be the real mantra to success. What I said might sound a bit weird to you but then, that’s what I feel. And instead of basing my thoughts on somebody else’s views, I speak my mind out. Trust me. IT HELPS.

Life often leaves us at crossroads; I have “been there, done that”. You may feel that I relate everything to my own past. But then I believe that a person can understand life only with his own experiences. After I did my schooling there were plenty of guides for me. My professor thought I should go for Arts because I had a flair for history and literature. My friends always wanted me to be an Engineer because of my inquisitiveness towards mechanical devices. But to the surprise of all, I opted for Commerce. Some thought I would regret it some day. Till date, I feel that it was the best decision I made. I went by my instincts. I used to often worry about what would be the future action plan. Years went on. Worries never left my mind. From school to higher secondary, then to college and then post graduation. After all this was done, I was set to work. Today, I realize that in the process of worrying about the future, I ruined my present. I want the time to come back. I want to spend time at the Sinhgad fort in Pune. I want to stroll down the college street, one last time. But I know I can’t. The schedule, which is packed forever, doesn’t allow me to even plan a holiday in the subsequent month.

Live your life in the present. Realise the worth of everything around you, before it is TOO LATE!!!!

- Giriraj

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nano in Gujarat - Time to look at Mr. Modi differently....

Finally, the Tatas said Ta-Ta to Singur. Bengal's loss could have been anybody's gain. States were fighting against each other to grab the plant. But in the end, it was swift moment of Modi Government which turned the tables in Gujarat's favour. Within days of initiating the process, the Government was ready to hand over the land for the factory.

Now, Mr. Modi should get the credit for the same. The immense benefits that the project will bring along cannot be neglected. Mr. Modi should now be perceived as a man who has been able to deliver. A person who had seen the dream of a "Vibrant Gujarat" and has turned it into a reality.

Please. There is more to the man. Don't snub him by calling him a dictator, communal and what not. If at all he has done anything wrong, he can be forgiven for the kind of progress he has brought to the state. We need an administrator like him who is honest. A top official of the RSS had once said "you may call Modiji communal, but don't call him corrupt".

The aura around the man is certainly inspirational. I hope, someday, a leader like him will head this country. Every human being has his plus and minuses. But instead of having an inefficient PM (coupled with a more useless Home Minister), we would be rather served better, if we have a more assertive person at the helm of affairs.

The pseudo-secularists will hate me for what I have written. But then. Who cares???

- Giriraj

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Poem.. (For my mom's 50th Birthday)

This poem was written in the year 1999, when I was barely 15 years old on the occassion of my Mom's 50th Birthday.

मी इयत्ता बारावित होतो। लोक म्हणायचे हा मुलगा साहित्याच्या क्षेत्रात नाव कमवेल। झालं मात्र वेगळंच। अत्यंत मोक्याच्या क्षणी मी कविता सोडली। कारणं अनेक होती, पण असो। आज त्याच्याबद्दल न बोललेलच बरं। कही व्यक्तिगत गोष्टी स्वतापर्यंतच बाळगाव्या।

१९९९ साली, म्हाज्या आईला ५० वर्षे पूर्ण झाली। त्या निमित्ताने लिहिलेली ही कविता। तेव्हा मी केवळ १५ वर्षांचा होतो। त्यामुळे कही चुका अपेक्षित आहेत। कृपया त्यावर दुर्लक्ष करावे

स्थल: म्हाजे निवासस्थान, नेवरा।

आज आईला पूर्ण झाली आहेत वर्षे पन्नास

प्रत्येकाच्या जीवनात असतं आईच महत्व खास

जीवनात आईंशिवाय कुणाचेच हालत नही पान

म्हणुनच मिलतो आईला जगभरात मान॥

आज सांगणार आहे मी तुम्हाला म्हाज्या आइबद्दल दोन शब्द

ते वाचून तुम्ही नक्कीच व्हाल स्तब्ध

किती करू मी म्हाज्या आईचे गुणगान

तिला आम्ही तिघे आहोत अजुन एकदम लहान॥

सर्वत्र लागतो आम्हाला आईच्या मदतीचा हात

तिच्यामुळेँच करू शकतो आम्ही जिवनातील संकटावर मात

ती झटत असते दिवसभर आमच्या पोटापायी

देविचेच दुसरे रूप आहे आमची आवडती आई॥

- गिरिराज पै वेर्णेकर

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A poem...

॥राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ॥

काही वर्षांपूर्वी एका ७ दिवसांच्या वर्गाला लिहिलेली ही कविता...

स्थळ: सानपाडा, मुंबई
प्रसंग: प्राथमिक वर्गाच्या रंजन बैठकीसाठि केलेली कविता

निवेदन: ह्या कवितेमद्द्ये काही जड़ शब्द आहेत। परन्तु मी सर्व शिक्षकांना विनंती करतो की त्यांनी ते जेवणासोबत पचवून घ्यावे!

त्रासच त्रास आमच्या वाटी आले
परन्तु त्याच दुःख नाही कारण
मित्रच मित्र आमच्या ताटी आले॥

सकाळी मुशी आनी जोशी, दर्शन देत होते,
दक्ष-आरम, पदविन्यांसाचे धडे घेत होते।।

घरी मटन मछीच खात होतो,
इथे पाला पाचोलाही पचवत होतो॥

एक मागुन एक दिवस, आम्ही मोजत होतो,
दिवस कसे सरतील ह्याचा, विचार करत होतो॥

सात दिवस फ़क्त शाळेच्या भिंती,
बाहेर जायचं म्हटलं की मुशिंची भीती।।

पण आज उमगलं, आम्ही किती चुकत होतो,
खुप चांगल्या गोष्टी, आम्ही इथे शिकत होतो॥

उद्या आपण आपल्या घरी असूं ,
एकमेकांची आठवण करून, गालातल्या गालात हसू।।

- गिरिराज पै वेर्णेकर

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dedicated to my Beloved Guruji…

A lot of time, we come across people who we tend to idolize. Probably a few months back, I dint have anyone who could inspire me to do what my heart always prompts me to. My mind was engulfed in worries about the future. And that’s when I was told to live in today. And look! Instead of worrying about getting ads, I am sitting in front of my lappy and writing a blog. Now, that’s something even my Guruji will not approve of. But then, having disciples like me is not easy. Isn’t that so Guruji?

Oh! I forgot. This is a blog. Meant for all. Not for me to communicate with one individual. So I will need to first tell you who Guruji is. She is a multifaceted personality. She is a good teacher, a good aunt (not to me), a good friend, a good leader and most importantly, a good BOSS. She also claims to be a good Cook. But till the time I don’t get a taste of her delicacies, I can’t comment. She may very well offer me a lunch or dinner now, with a hope to find a post entirely dedicated to her cooking. (Don’t feel I am giving bribe!)

Like you have partners in crime, she has been my partner in most of the good things I have done in the recent past. Best example is writing the Japa. It’s been a joint effort, which has taken us through till now. Had it not been her insistence, I would have never got down to write, at least not Japa for non stop 21 weeks. Mom is indebted to her for life as she got me to do something my parents would have never been able to convince me to do.

She is different. And has to be. Otherwise, who will dedicate “Everything I Do” to god? But that’s Guruji for you. Different, yet normal like all of us. One, who likes to talk, laugh, joke, eat, etc. She is approachable, understanding, patient and yet gives a stern warning that anybody messing with her will suffer. But in times of need, you wont have a better support to fall back on. She is spot on with her advice and will do everything possible to lift your mood.

Hold on man! I have turned this post into a mini testimonial. And this one is not meant to be one. The reason why I felt like mentioning her is because this blog is active only because of her. It’s a different case that even she says the same. But, there is a difference. She writes because I pester her. And she writes extremely well. Though she says, “even if I write rubbish u will like it... you are blinded in your love for me”. She knows it’s not true. She is really fabulous when it comes to writing. Her blog is linked to my page. So you can see for yourself. And she says, “If you write, you inspire me to write. If you want to read what I write, then you start writing. It’s a cycle you see!” Like they say in Hindi, “Ulta chor kotwal ko daante”.

I write because her writing inspires me. When compared, my blog feels like trash. But it’s the effort that is important. If I sit and say I cant write well, than I will never be able to improve. A couple of days back I decided to blog regularly. Asked Guruji to start blogging too. And look. I am yet to write and she has come up with 3 new posts already.

Before I sign off, I only want to thank her. For being there. And for making me blog. I don’t know if anybody will be interested to read it. I am also not sure if it makes sense. But it definitely helps you to feel better. As they say in Hindi, “Dukh baatne se kam hota hain!” And why bother about others? No matter what, Guruji will read my posts for sure and write comments too. After all, we are part of a MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY.

- Giriraj

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coming Soon..


I have decided to blog regularly.. This is not like the New Year Resolutions which are never implemented nor a promise which is meant to be broken..

I have about 2 to 3 posts ready. All that is required is some finishing touch..

With that.. my posts will start to flow.. Thought I should announce it.. And the excitment is justified.. Its my blog.. Nobody else will be bothered.. So its my responsibility to create the buzz.. I know, it doesnt make a difference to you..

So guys.. Enjoy ur life.. Whenever u find time and wanna read some crap, my blog will always be there.. Only for u..

- Giriraj

Monday, August 18, 2008

An eventful sunday...

A long weekend just got over.. And what a Sunday we had.. Had fun, had a new beginning and then, there was a crash.. Things really ended on a bad note.. Details are as follow:


Sunday, August 10, 2008


I want to LIVE today.. Coz I do not know if there will be a tomorrow..

Nobody will await my arrival.. There might a few who may mourn if I depart..

But its beyond my control.. And I am ready..

- Giriraj

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dawn is breaking, Its early morn....

Its 3 a.m. You might be wondering… What is so special about that? But for me, it’s a different experience. I am at the Mumbai Airport. Just checked in early, as I have to board a 5 a.m. flight. I generally do that to avoid last minute anxiety. And let me tell you. Am not alone. The CCD lounge here is full. I just managed to scrap through a small place that was left out @ the corner, right next to the stand holding merchandise for sale. People are busy in their own respective worlds. Some of them, are talking to their family or friends. Some deeply engrossed in reading. And at the other end, look at me. I am doing something, which am sure; none must be doing around here. Writing a blog. But having known the kind of person I am, don’t think you are surprised.

The ride from my Bandra residence to the airport took much lesser than I expected and that’s how, I ended up being @ the airport, almost 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Thought the wait would be a boring one. And the line for Security Check Up was huge. I was unable to relate the chaos to an airport. Been a frequent visitor here. But for the first time, have come across so much of congestion.

Now, I have moved to the Gate No 2. My body has realized that I have not slept the whole night. But still. The excitement to reach home compensates for all the sacrifices I made to board this flight.

I will be killed if I write more on a stupid journey. Why the hell should I bore you just to get rid of my boredom? Guess I will now move to my all time travel companion, the one and only iPod. That will spare me the trouble of being alone out here, as I tend to get engrossed in trying to get a feel of the songs.

Wish me a Safe Journey……

NOTE: This post has been uploaded 22 hours late. This is because; the Airtel Wi-Fi at the airport ditched me big time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Bye DHL...

Last 7 days in DHL. Am all set to join another company. And yes. More than happy to move back to where I belong.

In DHL, when a shipment is undelivered, it is "Returned to Origin" i.e. sent back to the shipper. In my case, m returning to the Origin. My hometown.. GOA. Land of beaches, temples, churches and wat not. But most importantly. The place where my Parents live. Where you can find my great buddies carving a niche for themselves in their respective professions.

Will write more.. surely.. When I just sat down to write, a whole volcano of emotions erupted in my mind.. GUess, I should take some moments. To be with myself...

So for now, I sign off...... Only to come back... SOOON...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Budget....

Being honest pays; not everytime.... What is Mr. Giri saying? If thats the thought which came to ur mind, then hold on. I am only interpreting the statements of our FM. By giving a loan waiver, the FM has done good to the debt ridden farmers. But the honest and hard working ones, who have at times sacrificed their meal and paid back, will be in for a shock. Wat did they get by paying back? Appreciation? No for sure. But those who dint pay, got it waived off.

I have nothing against the relief. But the way it is done, will go on to set a wrong precedent. And our country is battling against quite a few of them. Or rather, plenty of them.

I would be more happy to see our Agriculture sector being reformed. Short term solutions like waivers are certain to make the life only tougher.



Monday, March 3, 2008


If you feel, only the rich and famous are subject to accuse, then think again. A person like me, had to withdraw an article under the pressure of several visitors to my blog. They were just not ready to accept whatever I had written about my college. One of my close buddies went to the extent of saying that people might feel that the college had paid me to write such goodie-goodie stuff.

As a result, the article stands withdrawn.. A more realistic one is already "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".

Till then.. Take care....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Break-Bulk exercise...

My memory dates back, not too many days back. It was the 29th of July. We joined our first company after our MBA. We were the first batch of Sales Trainees; 5 of us in all. Coming from 2 different institutes. I was the only one from mine. But it hardly took me any time to gel with the other 4. Abhi, Ammu, Shwets and Pams. I still remember the way we made a presentation. We had to prepare an entire MARKETING MIX for a product. We took a fresh juice chain and named our product "POMMY FRESH".

We had our NHO together. We cracked jokes all the time. Thought, time in the new company will be so good that we will never have a dull moment. After a month of good time together, we moved to different locations for field training. This time, we knew. That we wont be spending the same good time again. Or even if we do, it will be only for a brief period. But the short period was shorter than I expected. I took one and half month more than others to join back the group from my training. After that, things changed for the company. And we started to fall apart..

2 out of 5 are already on their way out. The future course of action for the remaining 3 might be on the similar lines... We are parting ways as if we are influenced by our company's product - "Break-Bulk Express".



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And I am back...

Hey friends.. Am back. To the city, that never sleeps. Yeh.. M toking bout Mumbai. Back to office. On time. Despite of the fact that my flight landed @ Mumbai at 12.15a.m. The entire deparment seems to have a deserted look. Gosh!!! Where are they? The tiring jouney should not be used as an excuse. He he... No lecturing now...

Will tok bout the jouney that it was.. Simply amazing with freezing temperatures. On top, we had an award function on the lawns of the hotel. So you can imagine.. Applauding the achievers in such conditions. But the togetherness was unforgetable. We were like one unit. Was a real good news for all of us. Hey hey... Guess am loosing the sequence.. Give me some time to write. Am in no state to pen down my thoughts..

Till then... KEEP IN TOUCH

Friday, January 25, 2008

On the maiden Agra journey..

I am setting off for Agra tomorrow. DHL has organised its annual sales conference there. A 5-star stay and sight-seeing are the attractions for all the employees. The presentations speaking business are actually treated as the SIDE BUSINESS.

It will be a lot of first times for me. Its the First Annual Sales Conference for me in DHL (probably the last too...). First time, I will be travelling by Rajdhani Express. And last but not the least (rather the worst), I will get to experience the Freezing cold of North India. Temperature is expected to Dip till 5 degrees. Gosh.. The cold wave in Goa or Mumbai only has become unbearable for most of us who have always been pampered by moderate climate. And now, such temperatures will be much lower than what I might have asked for.

But I have decided to take it as an experience. Whatever it is, I need to have fun. Whether I am able to cope up or no, the time will tell. But my mind is filled with excitement, of visiting the monument which is symbolises LOVE, THE TAJ MAHAL. Oh dont get me wrong. It wont remind of anyone. But just wanted to see, the effect of foolishless. The person has actually spent a fortune to erect it. Probably, he should have invested the same money in shares... JUST IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF WEALTH HIS SUCCESSORS WOULD HAVE HAD TODAY...

Anyways.. Will think about something more. Will write bout it once I am back.. Till then, have a rocking time in your respective cities....

And yeh... HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY... Bharat Mata Ki Jai...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh come on. Please dont laugh at this. Am writing a post for the first time. So dont expect something hi-fi right from the word go.

I wanted to write this for a long long time. But somehow, things were not in the favor of me writing. But a mail from my friend changed everything. Her writing has always inspired me. And this time, her words did the trick and prompted me to write.

I assure you that you will have loads of stuff to read in this section. Just give me a couple of days. And I will be back. With a bang. Virtually writing down eveything. Even bout my rick journey from Bandra (East) to Bandra (West). So before you get bored with that, gear up to be pestered.