Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dawn is breaking, Its early morn....

Its 3 a.m. You might be wondering… What is so special about that? But for me, it’s a different experience. I am at the Mumbai Airport. Just checked in early, as I have to board a 5 a.m. flight. I generally do that to avoid last minute anxiety. And let me tell you. Am not alone. The CCD lounge here is full. I just managed to scrap through a small place that was left out @ the corner, right next to the stand holding merchandise for sale. People are busy in their own respective worlds. Some of them, are talking to their family or friends. Some deeply engrossed in reading. And at the other end, look at me. I am doing something, which am sure; none must be doing around here. Writing a blog. But having known the kind of person I am, don’t think you are surprised.

The ride from my Bandra residence to the airport took much lesser than I expected and that’s how, I ended up being @ the airport, almost 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Thought the wait would be a boring one. And the line for Security Check Up was huge. I was unable to relate the chaos to an airport. Been a frequent visitor here. But for the first time, have come across so much of congestion.

Now, I have moved to the Gate No 2. My body has realized that I have not slept the whole night. But still. The excitement to reach home compensates for all the sacrifices I made to board this flight.

I will be killed if I write more on a stupid journey. Why the hell should I bore you just to get rid of my boredom? Guess I will now move to my all time travel companion, the one and only iPod. That will spare me the trouble of being alone out here, as I tend to get engrossed in trying to get a feel of the songs.

Wish me a Safe Journey……

NOTE: This post has been uploaded 22 hours late. This is because; the Airtel Wi-Fi at the airport ditched me big time.

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