Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dedicated to my Beloved Guruji…

A lot of time, we come across people who we tend to idolize. Probably a few months back, I dint have anyone who could inspire me to do what my heart always prompts me to. My mind was engulfed in worries about the future. And that’s when I was told to live in today. And look! Instead of worrying about getting ads, I am sitting in front of my lappy and writing a blog. Now, that’s something even my Guruji will not approve of. But then, having disciples like me is not easy. Isn’t that so Guruji?

Oh! I forgot. This is a blog. Meant for all. Not for me to communicate with one individual. So I will need to first tell you who Guruji is. She is a multifaceted personality. She is a good teacher, a good aunt (not to me), a good friend, a good leader and most importantly, a good BOSS. She also claims to be a good Cook. But till the time I don’t get a taste of her delicacies, I can’t comment. She may very well offer me a lunch or dinner now, with a hope to find a post entirely dedicated to her cooking. (Don’t feel I am giving bribe!)

Like you have partners in crime, she has been my partner in most of the good things I have done in the recent past. Best example is writing the Japa. It’s been a joint effort, which has taken us through till now. Had it not been her insistence, I would have never got down to write, at least not Japa for non stop 21 weeks. Mom is indebted to her for life as she got me to do something my parents would have never been able to convince me to do.

She is different. And has to be. Otherwise, who will dedicate “Everything I Do” to god? But that’s Guruji for you. Different, yet normal like all of us. One, who likes to talk, laugh, joke, eat, etc. She is approachable, understanding, patient and yet gives a stern warning that anybody messing with her will suffer. But in times of need, you wont have a better support to fall back on. She is spot on with her advice and will do everything possible to lift your mood.

Hold on man! I have turned this post into a mini testimonial. And this one is not meant to be one. The reason why I felt like mentioning her is because this blog is active only because of her. It’s a different case that even she says the same. But, there is a difference. She writes because I pester her. And she writes extremely well. Though she says, “even if I write rubbish u will like it... you are blinded in your love for me”. She knows it’s not true. She is really fabulous when it comes to writing. Her blog is linked to my page. So you can see for yourself. And she says, “If you write, you inspire me to write. If you want to read what I write, then you start writing. It’s a cycle you see!” Like they say in Hindi, “Ulta chor kotwal ko daante”.

I write because her writing inspires me. When compared, my blog feels like trash. But it’s the effort that is important. If I sit and say I cant write well, than I will never be able to improve. A couple of days back I decided to blog regularly. Asked Guruji to start blogging too. And look. I am yet to write and she has come up with 3 new posts already.

Before I sign off, I only want to thank her. For being there. And for making me blog. I don’t know if anybody will be interested to read it. I am also not sure if it makes sense. But it definitely helps you to feel better. As they say in Hindi, “Dukh baatne se kam hota hain!” And why bother about others? No matter what, Guruji will read my posts for sure and write comments too. After all, we are part of a MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY.

- Giriraj


Rukma Abhijit said...

Lost for words.... :)
Will comment more once I am back on earth...right now...I'm flying!

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

Good one.