Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nano in Gujarat - Time to look at Mr. Modi differently....

Finally, the Tatas said Ta-Ta to Singur. Bengal's loss could have been anybody's gain. States were fighting against each other to grab the plant. But in the end, it was swift moment of Modi Government which turned the tables in Gujarat's favour. Within days of initiating the process, the Government was ready to hand over the land for the factory.

Now, Mr. Modi should get the credit for the same. The immense benefits that the project will bring along cannot be neglected. Mr. Modi should now be perceived as a man who has been able to deliver. A person who had seen the dream of a "Vibrant Gujarat" and has turned it into a reality.

Please. There is more to the man. Don't snub him by calling him a dictator, communal and what not. If at all he has done anything wrong, he can be forgiven for the kind of progress he has brought to the state. We need an administrator like him who is honest. A top official of the RSS had once said "you may call Modiji communal, but don't call him corrupt".

The aura around the man is certainly inspirational. I hope, someday, a leader like him will head this country. Every human being has his plus and minuses. But instead of having an inefficient PM (coupled with a more useless Home Minister), we would be rather served better, if we have a more assertive person at the helm of affairs.

The pseudo-secularists will hate me for what I have written. But then. Who cares???

- Giriraj


Rukma Abhijit said...

Just love that last line. So very true! Pseudo secularists would certainly be upset with you for what you have said. But as you rightly said..who cares?!

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

Good one.

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