Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back after 2 months...

A few mins back, I got a rude wake up call.  Just as I was browsing through a friend’s blog, I came across her MY BLOG LIST. The link to my blog was there showing that I had last updated it 2 months ago. 2 MONTHS ! ! ! Long long time. Its not that I have run out of ideas these days. But there have been too many of them. I have started numerous posts and left them half with a hope they will be completed the next time I switch on my laptop. That has not happened to any of the posts as yet, but I am hopeful, I will be back. Just like I have done in the past. 

I had my exams, I had my health problems, I had some other problems, had pressure at work and so on. All this ended up in affecting my writing. However, 2 months is a long time. I cant be making excuses any longer. Thought this post can act as a filler till the time I complete at least one post out of the many I have left half way.

This post is only to reaffirm that I am still here (ALIVE). Blogging scene wont miss me for long now. I will be back. Not with a bang but with a post.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback once I am back in action. Till then, enjoy the pre Christmas period. Hope Santa Claus will give all of you loads of gifts.


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