Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crazy - 4 on a Crazy Sunday.....

It was 12:30 P.M. on a Sunday. I was still changing sides on the bed when I decided to switch my cell on. Now, when I look back, I thank god for having done that. Within 10 seconds, I had about 20 missed call alerts. Before I could figure out who had called, there was a call. Raj had not given up despite my phone being switched off.

I was told that plans are being made to go “somewhere” and that they were scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. The place was neither known to Raj, Prasad or Aditya. Now, when the planners were clueless, there is no way I might have known. Also, I was too sleepy to even suggest. But from the fact that Mardol Temple was one of the stops, I was sure we would end up at Mollem Retreat or Bondla Zoo.

I promised to be ready by 2. However, by the time Adi could gather all the punters, it was 2:30 and we started from my house at around 3. When we halted at Mardol, we took a tea break at Mahalasa Café after the Darshan. A stop which has become customary for me and Raj. We had 2 Bhaji Pavs, 2 Kokums, 3 teas and 1 Cofee. The Snacks that Raj purchased cost our coffers Rs. 30 over and above Rs. 60 which we had already spent on the drinks and stuff. Pretty Expensive. From there, we headed straight to a Sweet Mart. Packed as much stuff as we could (which included Nevryo, Churmo, Khajiche Ladu, Chips, etc.) and we had embarked on a journey, which even till then, was not known to us.

Reaching Mollem, we were neither hungry nor thirsty. So we decided we would go upto Anmod. Here, the whole game changed. Prasad suddenly thought about a very good restaurant in Belgaum which he thought could be visited since we had reached so close to the city (only 80kms away). After a lot of convincing, Das agreed to cancel his friend’s birthday and we were off. To Belgaum.

We reached Belgaum, we reached at 7. First, visited the Nucleus Mall and then shopped till about 8:30. Had a peaceful and yet, tasty dinner at Hotel Eefa, a new business class hotel in Belgaum. The dinner will be remembered for the lovely Sizzeler. But more than that, we got to see people going crazy after celebrities as Ms. Sayali Bhagat was dining on the adjoining table. The traveling was certainly worth the effort we had put it. After all, we had to travel for 6 hours for our 3 hours stay in Belgaum.

Our dinner ended at around 10.00 when we finished our Triple Sundae. By 1 a.m., we were at home. Extremely tired, but very happy to have done something, which we could have never thought about. Driving over 300 kms only for dinner is something crazy. At least, by our standards. But now that we have done it, we are PROUD about the feat and also, have resolved to do it far more frequently. If anybody wants to join, do let us know.

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