Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Country - Is it moving the right way?

No matter how many times I watch the movie "Rang De Basanti", I want to watch it one more time. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility refuses to apply to my penchant for good dialogues coupled with great songs especially when they are so well written.

You may think I am writing a Review on the movie and might end up giving it 4 or 5 stars. But my purpose is different. I don’t wish to talk about the movie or its story. However, its imperative to note, that the movie has a lot to offer; especially, to our younger generation. The movie might have been brushed aside by a lot of us by calling it unrealistic or whatever. But if we failed to get the message, then I feel, India should consider itself unfortunate.

“No country is perfect. We need to make it perfect”. I believe, this is the essence each one of us should draw from the movie. We can join the armed forces, or enter politics, etc. to govern this country in the right way. Sitting back and criticizing will neither solve the problems nor do us any good. Its high time, we become proactive and take initiatives which will push the country to the next level

Our freedom fighters laid their life only to give us “Free India”. People like Bhagat Singh knew they would die. But they fought; for a cause. I don’t expect each one of us to sacrifice our life for the country. And that’s not necessary as well. We can actually do a lot of good for the country only through our actions.

We have various burning issues which could be taken up by us converting them into mass movements. Some of them are:

1. Early resolution to the Kashmir issue can be pushed through. Defense remains to be the biggest revenue getter for our politicians. And having tension serves their purpose very well.
2. Anti-Reservation movement has to get a bigger share in the media and in people’s mind.
3. Eradication of poverty should be initiated by giving education to the poor and rural people. Unless people are made aware about their rights, they will refuse to stand up and be counted.
4. Improvement in the situation of women in the rural areas. Crime rate against women are increasing with each day. Our politicians in response only hand over the matters to CBI or CID. What happens after that remains a well kept secret.
5. We keep cribbing about corrupt politicians. How can we keep a check until they are made accountable due to strong pressure groups? And why not infuse fresh blood? Nobody likes to be called a politician. But if we want the change to happen, this perception will need to be changed. More and more talented people will have to come forward and run this country.

I can go on. But this has to stop here. It’s a blog after all. But before I sign off, my request to all my friends – Do think over this. Let us do something for our country, in whatever way possible. Let us join politics, IAS, IPS, Armed Forces, etc. A better future awaits us. Let us leave a much better India for the generations to follow.

Jai Hind !!


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Roussel Marshall said...

You write quiet well... I'm surprised :)