Friday, August 19, 2011

Goa Needs Us - More Than Ever Before..

Imagine a scenario. A close relative, may be, somebody in the family, has been diagnosed of Cancer and doctor says it is all over and its a matter of time before he/she leaves for d heavenly abode. "Let him die, I did my best" is what we will never say. Our question will rather be "Doctor, can we save d patient in some way? May be some chemotherapy, some transplant, etc. There must be some way out." And often, we end up trying till the person breathes his last. We cannot fight d inevitable, but at the end of it, we at least have d satisfaction of doing whatever 'Best' we could. But I wonder, will we show the same urgency / care / concern for our motherland as well? Or are we going to leave her at d mercy of some fools, who are not bothered about anything but looting it?

My mind drags me to those favorite lines that have always inspired me:

"I die in the battle zone,

Box me up and send me home,

Take my medals, pin them on my chest,

And tell my mother, I tried by best."

I have no intentions to be a martyr. I neither have the guts to give up my life for a cause nor do I harbour any ambitions of becoming a well known personality someday. I am just a normal guy next door. Want to do all those little things, people may not expect me to do, but which I feel, I should be doing as a duty to my motherland. Cynicism will not help us in any way. It will only worsen the state of affairs we are currently in.

In 2009, I travelled Goan cities requesting people to vote for a change. The only change they brought was to give a stronger mandate to one of the most corrupt and arrogant Government India has ever seen. In 2011, for Panaji corporation elections, I was part of a movement, that only asked people to vote for Good over Evil and yet, the monster returned, though, just by a whisker. But can that mean an end to my activism? Is that all I have to offer my motherland?

I request each Goan to think. Goa is suffering from Cancer, thanks to the crooks who are ruling us. Illegal mining, drugs, land sharks and so on are slowly eating a piece of our beautiful state. In all probability, the current dispensation may ride back to power using the Money they have made. But is that a reason for me to sit back and watch Goa getting looted? If we don't throw these Cancer cells out, Goa will die its own death. We will neither have a beautiful state to boast of nor will we have the law and order situation, which makes Goa any safer when compared to crime inflicted cities.

What is the way out? Just one. Let us unite. Let us unite to bring about a change. Forget political parties, let us at least resolve to Vote. And irrespective of the results, continue to fight. Because, Goa needs us. More than ever before..!!

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